Creature Hunters, are praised as the strongest and most elite warriors in the entire universe. This great pride does not change even after they crash-land on Earth and lose their power. However, thanks to the warrior's mindset of never giving up, they can always overcome their problems by "transforming and combining." In order to get along with children who will eventually become controllers, they attempt to use sense of humor, abbreviations and gestures. However, it causes more problems than solves. With perseverance, they grow to learn human values such as friendship, love, and sacrifice.


He was a captain who had always been thoroughly supported and respected by his teammates. However, since coming to Earth, he becomes a troublemaker who is slower to adapt and causes a lot of accidents among his teammates. Because of his straightforward way of speaking, he sometimes unintentionally offends his partner Kang Dan. However, he is a genuine leader who does not hesitate to sacrifice himself for the sake of his teammates at the decisive moment.

Voice Actor : TBD


Partners with Hae-jun. He is little bit shy and selfish. He was a complainer who always whined about working with the children; however, he shows an amazing ability to quickly grasp children’s behavior and adapt to it. Hae-jun, who has a sharp personality and cynical tone, gets along positively with Mercury even though they sometimes argue with each other. Mercury makes up for Hae-jun’s weakness, and they harmonizes well.

Voice Actor : TBD


Partners with Ki-bum. He has an explosive temper. He and Ki-bum get along positively from the get go, almost like soulmates. He complains a lot and always argues with the foxy Mercury. However, they work well together when battling against the enemy.

Voice Actor : TBD


Partners with Young-jin. He is very similar to Young-jin who values time and rules. Both of them are neat and value manners. Neptune enjoys to be away from the crowd and spends quiet time alone.

Voice Actor : TBD


Partners with Sura. Jupiter is the most powerful robot and requires a lot of controller technique. Jupiter is similar to Sura who is quiet and silently keeps to herself. Through Jupiter’s actions, Sura learns how to get along with friends, the importance of harmonizing with teammates, and opening one’s heart.

Voice Actor : TBD


He is not included in the 5 Hunters; however, he is always proud of being a member of the Hunters. He is the only robot that does not transform and only engages in fusion. He moves independently without the need of a syncer. He is very talkative, meddling, and controlling. Although sometimes annoying, he is the one The Hunters rely on the most in their time of need.

Voice Actor : TBD


As the name shows, a strong and bright boy. His nickname is “GGANG”, president of the Transformation Robot Research Society and leader of the group. However, he is actually timid and indecisive. However, he is loyal to his friends, and he becomes strong and shows incredible courage in times of crisis. His expression is big and varied, and he is good at making funny facial expressions, so he always makes his friends laugh a lot.

Voice Actor : TBD


He is a smart strategist. His friends call him “JJUN”. His complex is that he is small and skinny, and his stamina is not as good as his friends. However, he sometimes refuses when he needs help because of his pride. He and Kang-dan were born in the same hospital even on the same birthday. They are the best friends among close friends.

Voice Actor : TBD


The tallest, biggest, and cute eater among the members. After frowning, he looks quite tough, but in fact, he is scared of bugs, monsters, and ghosts, etc. and has a weak mind. He loves eating so much that he always carries snacks with him, and he is good at understanding and expressing everything in terms of the principle of food. It is hard for Ki-bum to understand the type of person who is a picky eater and does not eat well like Hae-jun.

Voice Actor : TBD


Stubborn, slightly temperamental style with curly hair. He is the most mature, realistic, and rational child among the group. He is good at studying and knows lots of things. Thanks to his strengths, it is also Youngjin’s job to organize the thoughts of his immature friends and criticize them with his cool-headed assessment of the situation. He is sensitive to time, rules, etc., and he always prioritizes what he should do and plan. He has a complex of his curly hair. His curly hair becomes more edgy when he gets excited. After Sura and Ji-young join the group, he pays more attention to his appearance.

Voice Actor : TBD


A girl with bobbed hair and very beautiful and intense eyes. She is good at sports such as Judo, Kendo, Taekwondo, etc. As a transfer student, the whole attention of those around her is focused, but no matter who asks what, she is reticent and seldom giving a cool answer to anyone’s question. If she stares with her sharp eyes, her strong charisma makes boys bow down. Most of what surrounds her is veiled, the most mysterious of which is why she joined the unpopular club, the “Transformation Robot Research Club.”

Voice Actor : TBD


Usually, she is a girl who looks like a lovely and cute doll. However, as a fierce fan of the game, once immersed in the game, she is a game closer with a remarkable ability and becomes so tough that no one can even touch her. All the boys all fall in love with her at first sight. However, once they find out her change during the game, they even want to keep some distance from her. Although she was not a member of the “Transformation Robot Research Club”, she belatedly joined the team through her relationship with Ki-bum she met in the game, and she shows splendid drone control skills.

Voice Actor : TBD

이용신 (수라)

데뷔 : CJ E&M(투니버스)성우극회 5기

  • 달빛천사 – 루나/풀문
  • 개구리 중사 케로로 – 앙골 모아
  • 캐릭캐릭 체인지 – 아무
  • 학원 앨리스 – 강민지
  • 명탐정 코난 – 정보라
  • 이누야샤 극장판1기 – 링
  • 짱구는 못말려 – 채성아
김보나 (강단)

데뷔 : 대원방송 성우극회 7기

  • 마징가 Z : 인피니티 – 아수라남작 (여)
  • 마이펫의 이중생활 – 기젯
  • 소울 – 카운슬러 제리 외
  • 하이큐!! 땅 VS 하늘 – 하이바 아리사
  • 어벤져스 엔드게임 – F.R.I.D.A.Y
  • 호빵맨 – 치즈, 딸랑이
  • 원피스 – 샬롯 스무디
  • 신 도라에몽 – 조르주 왕자
양정화 (영진)

데뷔 : CJ E&M( 투니버스)성우극회 1기

  • 개구리 중사 케로로 – 케로로
  • 명탐정 코난 - 베르무트
  • 베리베리 뮤우뮤우 – 베레티 / 뮤 래터스
  • 보노보노 – 아로리
  • 부탁해! 마이멜로디 – 마이멜로디
  • 신비아파트 시리즈 – 금비
  • 꿈빛 파티시엘 – 원가온
  • 안녕 자두야 – 엄마
  • 원피스 스페셜 – 보아 행콕
  • 캐릭캐릭 체인지 – 세라
  • 꼬마마법사 레미 Vivace – 레미
이경태 (해준)

데뷔 : 대원방송 성우극회 2기

  • 하이큐 – 코즈네 켄마
  • 짱구는 못말려 극장판 18기 초시공! 폭풍을 부르는 나의 신부 – 성인 훈이
  • 드래곤볼 구극장판 – 트랭크스
  • 원피스 – 장고, 카루
  • 슈퍼배드 – 안토니오
  • 달의 요정 세일러 문 시리즈 – 대니
  • 파워레인저 시리즈 – 미르 / 미라클 레드
황창영 (기범)

데뷔 : 대원방송 성우극회 5기

  • 도날드 덕 가족의 모험 – 돈 카나지
  • 달의 요정 세일러문 SuperS – 엘리오스
  • 오소마츠 상 – 마츠노 이치마츠
  • 원펀맨 – 제노스
  • 원피스 – 마르코
  • 포켓몬스터W – 채박사
  • 극장판 THE도라에몽즈 – 도라메드 3세
장예나 (지영)

데뷔 : 대원방송 성우극회 6기

  • 달의 요정 세일러문 세일러 스타즈 – 세일러 아이언 마우스
  • 오소마츠 6쌍둥이 – 요와이 토토코
  • 포켓몬스터 썬&문 - 피카라
  • 짱구는 못말려 극장판 폭풍수면! 꿈꾸는 세계 대돌격 – 나마나, 지혜
  • 마블 시네마틱 유니버스 블랙 위도우 – 옐레나 벨로바
  • 말레피센트 – 오로라 공주
남도형 (주피터)

데뷔 : KBS 성우극회 32기

  • 마블 : 가디언즈 오브 갤럭시 – 라쿤
  • 디즈니 5대 미키마우스
  • 스파이더맨 – 피터 파커 / 스파이더맨
  • 원피스 – 사보
  • 포켓몬스터 베스트위시 – 덴트
  • 레이디버그: 미라클스톤의 비밀 – 블랙캣/아드리앙
김명준 (머큐리)

데뷔 : CJ E&M (투니버스) 성우극회 8기

  • 개구리 중사 케로로 – 토로로
  • 신의 탑 – 스물다섯번째 밤
  • 원피스 – 어린 루치 . 코비
  • 위 베어 베어스 – 곰 브라더스 판다
  • 유희왕 VRAINS – 김유찬
  • 카드캡터 체리 : 봉인된 카드 – 오청명
  • 겨울왕국2 – 어린 아그나르
장민혁 (마르스)

데뷔 : KBS 성우극회 32기

  • 겨울왕국 – 크리스토프
  • 원피스 – 퀴로스
  • 셜록 – 셜록홈즈
  • 어벤져스 – 앤트맨 / 스콧 랭
  • 기기괴괴 성형수 – 지훈
  • 달의 요정 세일러문R – 프린스 데이먼드
권성혁 (플루토)

데뷔 : CJ E&M (투니버스) 성우극회 8기

  • 겨울왕국2 – 매티어스
  • 레드슈즈 – 아더
  • 명탐정 코난 – 마크 스펜서
  • 극장판 요괴워치 : 탄생의 비밀이다냥! – 동파
  • 이토준지 컬렉션 – 카타가와 키요시